Caring, Creative, Positive, Professional Therapy

We love what we do

Speech Therapy & More was established by Denise Camp Henry, who is the Clinical Director and practicing Speech-Language Pathologist of this private pediatric practice.  Denise began this practice out of her great desire and passion to provide exceptional progressive services, tailored to meet each child’s individual needs.  Her passion for her profession guides her evaluation and therapy to see each child’s diverse strengths and needs while welcoming the challenging puzzle to be solved.

The team at Speech Therapy & More desire to assist pediatricians, psychologists, and early intervention specialists with identified methods, techniques, and tools that can be observed and learned by the parent each session.  This will help in facilitating a bridge of involvement, understanding, and implementation of these interventions into the home setting, enabling the fastest progress possible in helping each child reach their fullest potential.

Our Specialties

  • Level 1 PROMPT Certified
  • FREE speech, language, reading, and occupational screens by appointment
  • Assessment & treatment in the ares of Reading, Speech-Language, & Occupational Therapy
  • Non-verbal speech, Apraxia, Accent Reduction, & Articulation Disorders Specialty
  • Corporate Accent Reduction Therapy
  • Language Disorders & Autism Therapy
  • Feeding/swallowing therapy
  • Infant thru school-aged children
  • Hearing-impaired client specialty
  • Fine & gross motor, and self-care skills
  • Balance, coordination, & perceptual disorders
  • Observable sessions with facilitation instruction
  • Consider summer services to improve areas affecting academics and daily living skills

Parents love us too

The types of disorders we work with can’t possibly be treated with a few visits to our practice. To truly create lasting change in your child’s language and motor skills, a new pathway needs to be established that consistently reinforces the methods, techniques, and tools we introduce during our sessions.

We love involving parents in the process. Whether watching from our observation room or getting hands-on alongside us, every visit will teach you something valuable you can take home and use. Parents are our partners in success. Having parents involved and doing exercises at home with their child maximizes the impact of the techniques introduced during our sessions together. We like to think that we’re teaching the whole family how to conquer difficulties.

I cannot thank you enough for working with my daughter, Kadyn.  Because of you, her understanding and expression of language as well as her understanding of vocabulary concepts has increased.  She is now in the 2nd grade and is on track for making the A/B honor roll for the first marking period!  You made this experience very understandable and effortless for us (especially for a single parent).  Again thank you for all you have done.  We are forever indebted to you!!

- Shondell & Kadyn